Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Field Trip to Tai Tong Eco Park

It was a bit chilly on February 19th, but that didn't stop the Grade 1 Jr. students from having an amazing time at the Tai tong Eco Park! 

There were so many activities, we quickly learned our four tickets were not enough! Students rode horses, go-carts, fed animals, went fishing and played in a massive ropes jungle gym!

It was a great day!!

 Ready to go inside!!

A Calf
on the

                                    Up! Up! Up!! Go Taliya!

Annie and Ritika love the swings!

So Many Goats with Randy and Benjamin!

Nice Bridge!

Parco is a natural on the horse!


Wow! Sam, Bo-Wen and Jayden look at you go!

Kyrin, you can do it!

Shaun, how did you get up there?

Terrance and Benjamin are crossing the ropes!

Kryin and Arin are having Fun!

I see you, Dhaanvi!

Annabelle is fast!

Emma enjoys feeding goats!

Fun day! 

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